About Us

About Us

We are a multi-generational, come-as-you-are community that likes to laugh (and dress up – as you can see). We don’t always wear jerseys – just when our pastor asks us to.

Our Mission is make disciples of Jesus who make disciples.

We read the Bible to learn how to follow Jesus, we pray because God invites us to and we love because there is no better choice in life. We know that our best days are ahead of us.

There’s a place for you at Bethel.


Our church is affiliated with The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada(PAOC) which has over 1,100 churches across Canada.  The PAOC website has information about the history and practice.

For a complete and downloadable listing of our Statement of Fundamental and Essential Truths click here.


The Early Years

In 1928 a group of young Christian people immigrated to Canada and came to the Barrhead area.  Services were held in a hall. In 1940 the church was built on a 3 acre parcel of land in Bloomsbury. The cemetery was there as well.

The first minister to take the Pastorate was Rev. William Miller who served from 1944-1946. Then Arthur Schultz, Henry Miller and others ministered when asked as well as visiting ministers. In the summer of 1949, Rev. W. Kowalski came to Barrhead to hold Tent Meetings. The church from Bloomsbury was then moved to Barrhead and Rev. W. Kowalski took the Pastorate. He served from 1950-1955.

The next Pastors were Rev. A. Mittelstaedt, 1955-1960; Rev. H. Miller 1961-1965; Rev. S. Fitz 1965-1972. It was during Rev. Fitz’s ministry that the church from Wiesenthal was moved to Barrhead in 1972. Rev. Ron Posein was the pastor from 1972-1973. Rev. E. Baumgartner was the next pastor from 1973-1980. Rev. I. Mueller was home on furlough and pastored from 1980-81. Rev. Gus Wentland was the pastor from 1981-1987. During his ministry the new church was built in 1986. Rev. R. Posein came back to Barrhead in 1987 and served until 1991. Rev. Ben Kellert took the pastorate in January 1992 until 1997. Rev. John Stewart 1998-2002; Rev. Mel Jenkins 2002-03; Rev. David Findlay 2003-19. Rev. Bob Jones started as the interim pastor on August 1, 2019.