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    Pastor Dave

    We're glad you found us! If you would like more information about our church family and programs, this is the place to look. We have information about what's going on in our church and how you can get involved. We also have information about what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ. Please feel free to contact us, or to stop in and visit with us.


    Cookies for Kids


    $3.50 provides

    11 high-energy

    cookies a day for 1 child

    for 1 month

     Every cookie is full of vitamins and protein-

    the good things the body needs

    The Canadian Government and the

    Canadian Foodgrains Bank are

    donating $4 for every $1 we raise!


    On Thanksgiving Sunday we will

    take a special offering for Cookies for Kids.

    You can also donate online at erdo.ca/cookies.









     Sunday, October 2nd

    10:00 AM Sunday School

    Classes for all ages

    Adult classes: Unqualified & Discover Bethel

    11:00 AM Worship Service

    Pastor Dave



    Wednesdays Family Night

    Supper @ 6PM

    BG for Kids & Bible Studies @ 6:30 PM

    Adult Bible Study: Forgotten God

    Gospel Sing-Along & Study

    Open-Hearts Extended - Beatitudes

    Youth Bible Study: Gospel of John

    Young Adults Bible Study