Sunday, Dec 17, 11:00 AM

The Journey To JOY

Sunday, Dec 17, 7:00  pm

Candlelight Service

The Christmas Schedule Is As Follows:

Sunday, Dec 24, 11:00 AM

The Journey To PEACE

Sunday, Dec 24, 6:00 PM

Family Christmas Eve Program


Sunday, November 5, 11:00 AM

DELIVERANCE: Not Always What You Think

Sometimes we think of deliverance ministry as something like exorcism, or something extremely supernatural and beyond our capability. But it is NOT always like that. In fact, deliverance ministry can be rather mundane and you can do it, too!

Wednesday, November 8, 6:00 PM


We share a meal together ($5/person or $10/family) and then we go to Bible study classes at      6:30 PM. We are done by 7:45. We have classes for all ages. Also, we have a Single & Parenting Class. Call 780.674.3529 for more infomation.