Lead Pastor: Pastor Dave Findlay 

Dave and Elaine Findlay have been in Barrhead since 2003. Pastor Dave serves as our Lead Pastor. They have three children (Johanna, Jonathan and Darren) and now have four grandchildren.


Assistant Pastor: Elle Wittke

Elle and Brett Wittke have been in Barrhead since 2017. Previously, they have been attending Vanguard College in Edmonton to receive pastoral training. During that time, they have been in Kiev, Ukraine ministering to young adults and youth. They have also spent time in South East Asia and where involved in ministry at Shepherd’s Care in Edmonton. Elle and Brett have a heart for those who have yet to know Christ as their personal saviour and hope to see young people grow into their full potential in their relationship with Christ.

Family Ministries Coordinator: Teresa Kristel

Teresa Kristen has been our Family Ministries Coordinator since the fall of 2014. Her and her husband, Tim, have lived in Barrhead for many years. Their daughter is Jennifer.